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Kellam Exterminating Inc. is a, Minority-owned business is a home based business with its main office located in Glassboro, New Jersey. Kellam Exterminating is Licensed and insured to provide service in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we provide comprehensive and integrated pest management to clients who would like to eliminate and continually control pest infestations. Jerry is also a credential wood destroying insect inspector in the state of NJ #219. The company continues to increase business throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Aliquam mi erat, aliquam vel luctus eu, pharetra quis elit. Nulla euismod ultrices massa, et feugiat ipsum consequat eu.

Why choose us?

There are a couple of reasons to look no further in your search for reliable and safe exterminators. We provide you with the best pest control service at an affordable price. We jump straight to a pesticide based solution and rely on our expertise.

Kellam Exterminating has a complete staff of dedicated professional employees. Our committment is to provide timely, safe and affordable service on every job, whether big or small, but most of all, We promise results. In addition, if whether you have a pest problem or want to make sure you don't develop one,. Kellam Exterminating maintains full service vehicles, and other equipment needed for complete pest elimination.we can help!. we offer you services that are superlative and unparalleled. We have got the proper equipment and expert staff to provide a higher level of customer service. We care for you and this sets us apart from other companies.

Plese contact us today for more informationor to schedule a free inspection. You can also feel free to email Jerry with any questions.


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